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Since Bakersfield Landscaping began dozens of years ago, we've had a singular goal: to serve our clients with the highest quality, most professional hardscaping services in Bakersfield, CA. With our wide range of expertise, we offer exceptional landscaping services to suit any taste, and our hardscape specialists are experienced and talented at what they do.

Bakersfield Landscaping has a long history in design and landscaping, and a wealth of practical experience in the trade. Our vast knowledge of the industry has given us the skill to provide you with an expert service to suit any taste. Our ultimate goal is to serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction, and have that satisfaction lead to continued referrals and better business growth - when you’re happy, we’re happy, and that’s why we do whatever we can to provide the best quality possible.

We offer a complete range of residential and commercial landscape design and construction, from paver patios and irrigation systems to landscape lighting and water features. We take great pride in offering tailor-made solutions for your project that will satisfy your tastes and needs, while staying within your budget. Many landscaping services today are needlessly bloated and costly, and we want to push back against that trend by providing efficient, simple services that do exactly what you want - and nothing else.

Among our range of residential services, we offer front yard landscaping, rear yard landscaping, residential hardscape, irrigation systems, pool installations (from full pools to built-in swim spas), home landscaping and more! Alongside our commercial designs, we offer storefront awnings, parking lot designs/surfaces, storm drainage systems (from rain gardens to storm water management ponds), exterior lighting solutions such as replacement bulbs and courtyard lights.

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We have built an exceptional reputation as being the premier company for landscaping services in the Bakersfield area by focusing on the needs of each individual customer. We provide free consultations, cost estimate, and design proposals whenever necessary so that our customers can weigh their options and make an educated decision about our services that will best suit their needs. We don’t hide our prices or rely on hidden gouging, and believe that it’s easier for everyone - and significantly more honest - when your service provider is up-front about costs and potential fees.

The centerpiece of all our work is our commitment to absolute client satisfaction and our desire to maintain our standing as one of Bakersfield's premier hardscaping companies. We take pride in our work and our attention to detail has been recognized by respected industry professionals. Our goal is to create a stunning oasis for either your office or your home, and we'll work with you to design your yard, no matter the size. You have the freedom to choose what you want, how you want it, and where you want it.

If you're looking for landscape services in Bakersfield, CA, or if you're looking to build a fantastic, beautiful outdoor living space, Bakersfield Landscaping is your go-to company! We're confident that our professional landscapers will meet your needs for quality workmanship, and we offer flexible hours and personalized service that sets us above the rest. Call today and see how we can help!

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From simple mortar replacement to structural reinforcement, Landscaping Contractors work with materials like concrete, stone and brick. They install and repair patios, driveways, chimneys, fireplaces, retaining walls, even entire homes or large commercial projects. And the best in the business is none other than Santa Rosa Landscaping!

No question! Landscaping contractors are no different from any other professional contractor in the building and construction industry. They should hold all necessary state-authorized licenses, certifications and be insured. That's why you should work the experts at Santa Rosa Landscaping. Call for a free quote on 707-691-3358!

Permeable means water can pass through it. Certain concrete pavers that Landscaping contractors build with are made with permeable features. These are ideal in poor drainage areas. For the best in concrete paving services, call Santa Rosa Landscaping on 707-691-3358.

You bet! Whether the chimney crown is damaged or it’s just suffering from years of exposure to the elements, Landscaping contractors are trained to fix chimneys. For the premiere chimney repair services around, call Santa Rosa Landscaping today!

Stone veneer is a manufactured material created to imitate the look of natural stone. It’s really popular because it provides the great rustic look of stone but at a more cost effective rate. It can be used in all sorts of settings -- facades, fireplaces, even accent walls. For the ultimate in stone veneer installation and repair, call Santa Rosa Landscaping on 707-691-3358.

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